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From Lake Jacobson, Executive Director, PigHoppers,
a sanctuary for rabbits, pigs and others
PO Box 7, Whittaker, MI 48190

PigHoppers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sanctuary for rabbits, pigs and others founded 8 years ago. We are located in Milan, MI, just 20 minutes or so southeast of Ann Arbor. WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF VOLUNTEERS!!

Throughout our existence recruiting and retaining volunteers has been very difficult. As a former grassroots animal activist who organized demos and participated in civil disobedience, and also someone who worked for a national animal protection organization in Washington, DC, I have been disappointed over the years in the lack of support given PigHoppers by animal advocates in the area. I know everyone is busy with their own animal protection projects, but SOMEONE must have time to help the animals who reside here.

We ask a lot of our volunteers. We are in desperate need of volunteers to feed one meal per week, and do associated chores. This takes a minimum of 2-3 hours. It is physically demanding and when the weather is bad it is not all that pleasant. Yet it is very rewarding, knowing that if you were not there feeding and talking to and petting the animals no one would be. And that is the reality. We have been in danger of shutting down for a couple years now, primarily due to a LACK OF RELIABLE AND COMMITTED VOLUNTEERS.

Since the birth of my second child last fall we have had to hire a sanctuary manager, but we are still short of help. At the same time we are receiving an unprecedented number of calls and emails about rabbits in need of rescuing -- abandoned, abused, neglected, as well as the typical "dump" calls. These rabbits would have nowhere to go were we not here to take them. And we cannot take them all, because we do not have enough help to care for them! Daily we turn animals away, not because w! e do not have the physical space or the compassion, but because we do not have the VOLUNTEERS to help care for them.

Sanctuary work is hard. It is not exciting and sexy like holding picket signs for a TV camera or getting arrested. People who run sanctuaries struggle to have any semblance of a "life" outside of their work with the animals. Is it asking too much of you for one evening or morning a week? My 19-year old sanctuary manager would be grateful for even a Friday or Sat. evening off so she could maybe see a movie sometime this year....or even just sleep...

This Saturday, March 22, we are having a volunteer work day from noon - 5 followed by a vegan meal in celebration of the Great American Meat-out. Everyone is welcome, and it is a good opportunity to visit the sanctuary and decide whether you would like to get more involved.

Please, if you have time to help the rabbits and pigs in our care, email me or call the number below. We accept volunteers of all ages. Thank you.

Lake Jacobson

Visit the PigHoppers Web site at:

PigHoppers' cofounder, Lake Jacobson. Farah Frisch is tending to a new turkey resident.