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Successfully completed PAR 2002 Events:

  Dec. 16 (Sunday) noon-2:00 pm: 4th Annual Hay Day Giveaway!
- an event hosted to help low income families or those at risk for neglecting the needs of their pets, who are kept outdoors in the winter. Designated site: corner of Delaware Ave. and Detroit Ave., an area where chained dogs are a common sight and dogfighting is suspect.
50 bales of straw were given away along with handouts offering cold weather tips and facts that are pertinent to helping pets survive the winter outdoors. The goal of this event was to help dogs who would otherwise go without proper shelter/insulation and educate the people as well.
Photos of last year's Hay Day.

  Nov. 29 (Friday), 6:30 pm: Fur-Free Friday protest at Westfield Shoppingtown at Franklin Park. A "Fauna-vision" mobile van played videos with audio showing the atrocities committed to make fur clothing. Posters and literature were available.

  Nov. 16 (Saturday), 1-5 pm:PigHoppers Workday
PigHoppers is a sanctuary for domestic rabbits and pigs in Whittaker, MI (near Milan).  
  Directions to PigHoppers

Congratulations to Lake on the birth of baby Samuel!
    See special note from Karin.

  November 2 (Saturday), noon-1pm: Maumee "Save the Skunks" Rally
A peaceful and informative rally was held to get people thinking about co-existing with skunks and offering solutions and alternatives. Nice turnout of about 35-40 people. Many thanks to all who attended!
    (Click on the picture to read HSUS article on
Solving Problems with Skunks)

  October 26 (Saturday), 1-5pm: PigHoppers Workday

 October 22 (Tuesday), 7:00 pm:Michael Greger, M.D.,
a nationally recognized speaker on important public health and social justice issues, spoke at the Sanger branch library on "Corporate Globalization: Trading Away Our Right to Protect Animals." It was an inspiring and thought-provoking talk!
To find out more about Dr. Greger, visit veganmd.org

 September 29 (Sunday),11:30-3pm: Walk for Farm Animals
Ottawa Park - 3.2 mile walk to benefit Farm Sanctuary.
This event was a rousing success as more than 60 people, many with their canine friends, participated in the walk on a beautiful fall day. The combined amounts of pledges, registration and donations raised over $1000 to help Farm Sanctuary! Afterwards everyone enjoyed a vegan feast, including delicious cookies from the Alternative Baking Company. (Click here for info on the cookies.)
PAR Walk for Farm Animals Photos

 September 21 (Saturday), 1-5pm: PigHoppers Workday

  July 20 (Saturday), 1-5pm: PigHoppers Workday

  June 28-29 (Fri-Sat): Sterling & Reid Circus Protests - Raceway Park
Activist turnout and circus attendance were light. Flyers were put on car windows during the protests.

  June 15 (Saturday), 2-5pm: PigHoppers Workday
Included rabbit care training and a vegan/vegetarian potluck.

  June 1-2 (Saturday-Sunday), 9am-5pm: Old West End Festival.
Table event - Scottwood, near Bancroft. We sold merchandise and provided information about various AR issues. The festival was well attended, with perfect weather. Thanks to PAR volunteers - Tami, Dennis, Susan S., Jan, Rebecca, Mike, Keith, and Susan St. - who came out to help!

Old West End Festival Photo

  May 19 (Sunday), 11am-3pm: Toledo Area Humane Society's Walk for the Animals. Table event. We provided information strictly about puppy mills and pet shops. This was a big deal to be working with TAHS. Hopefully, this event helped forge an alliance that will better serve the animals of Toledo in the future.

  April 28 (Sunday), 9:30-noon: March of Dimes - peaceful protest
This "charity" continues to experiment on helpless animals, while other major health charities gave up this practice years ago. And they get hundreds of thousands of dollars from unknowing walkers to do it!

 April 11-14 (Thursday-Sunday): Shrine circus (Jordan World Circus) protests at Seagate Center (Monroe St. entrance).
We protested the hour before the show. These protests coincide with PAR's philosophy of raising awareness of the cruelty involved in animal circuses.

 April 7 (Sunday), 1-6pm: Peace Festival at Notre Dame Academy. PAR hosted an Animal Rights table. This indoor community, family event was sponsored by The Interfaith Justice and Peace Center. The theme was "Alternatives to War and Violence: Imagine a World at Peace." There were many other community organizations, workshops, music, and a national speaker (Marianne Williamson).

 April 3 (Wednesday), 11-3pm: PAR table event at the University of Toledo. This event was part of the SpringFest celebration and was held in the student union, second floor. It was our first introduction to the college population.

 March 20 (Wednesday), 11-2pm: Great American Meatout table event at Owens Community College, Atrium area. Lots of literature handed out!

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