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PAR sponsors Loretta from Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary! --March 25, 2004

About Loretta:

rabbit Loretta

Loretta is a pretty white rabbit with black spots. She and several other rabbits arrived at the sanctuary in June of 2002. A man in Delaware was raising rabbits for meat, but soon realized he didn't want to do all the work involved in caring for them, so he simply let them all go!

Luckily, a caring family member alerted a local rabbit rescue organization, which captured all these darling rabbits. Many of them, including Loretta, wee just babies. The Sanctuary's board member and long-time volunteer, Cathy, drove to Pittsburg where she met someone from the Delaware organization, and returned to the sanctuary with six rabbits, all of whom had an intestinal parasite.

Today Loretta and her friends Patsy, Marbles and Dusty have a close friendship and enjoy relaxing in the rabbit barn, and hiding under logs out in the yard. They are a bit shy around people they don't know, and don't particularly like to be held, so they are considered "permanent" residents. Because of PAR's support, they will be able to enjoy life-long care at the Sanctuary, where they will never be in harm's way.

Loretta sends thumps of thanks! For more information about Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, click here .