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PAR's 5th Annual Hay Day Giveway! - Sunday, December 21, 2003

PAR's annual "Hay Day Giveaway" is an event hosted to help low income families or those at risk for neglecting the needs of their pets, who are kept outdoors in the winter. Fifty bales of straw are purchased from a farmer in Blissfield who sells it to us for a very reasonable price, alone with the use of his horse trailer to transport it to its designated site.

Included with the straw are handouts offering cold weather tips and facts that are pertinent to helping pets survive the winter outdoors. The goal of this event is to help dogs who would otherwise go without proper shelter/insulation and educate the people as well. This may be one of our most important events that we do all year!

This year's giveaway took place from noon to 2:00 p.m. at the Frederick Douglass Community Center, 1001 Indiana Ave. All 50 bales of straw were dispensed to needy pet owners. Local television news reporters covered the event. Thanks to Shumiala, Roger, Sue, Jan and Tami for helping to make the Hay Day a success!