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"Maximum Nutrition: Transitioning Towards a Plant Based Diet"
with Doctor/Chef Michael Greger, M.D. 120 minutes DVD.

August 15, 2003 --From Dr. Greger:

I'm very excited to finally announce the release of my new cooking show DVD! Traveling across the country promoting veganism, I've realized that it's often not enough to just tell people WHY to go veg; we also have to tell them HOW to go veg. We need to give them the tools, practical tips on making the transition.

Thankfully, there are a number of excellent veg starter kits out now (the best ones I know of are all linked at . But I wanted to go one step further and actually SHOW people how easy it is to go veg.

So in my cooking show DVD I showcase some of the new transition foods, go through simple vegan meal planning, and include all the latest nutrition info on the wonders of plant foods and the dangers of flesh foods like fish. I tell people how to make a healthy transition, and then I show them how in the cooking segment where I prepare quick easy vegan favorites (like hummous, etc).

Although I made this DVD with a nonvegetarian or beginner vegetarian audience in mind, the feedback I got from the premiere screening last week at Vegetarian Summerfest was overwhelmingly positive--even the most seasoned vegans seem to really get something out of it.

The DVD is, I am told, in classic Greger style--funny, entertaining, energetic. I'm hoping this is the kind of tool people will give to friends, family, co-workers. I'm hoping national groups will pick it up and promote it, and grassroots groups will screen it at meetings and events--maybe even get it on local public access?

I have never copyrighted anything I've ever produced and the DVD is no exception. I encourage people to make copies of it and distribute them widely.

Dr Greger's DVD