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Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World

by Erin Pavlina

Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World covers topics such as being vegan, transitioning a child to a vegan lifestyle, social situations, daycare and schools, health and nutrition, traveling, and leading a compassionate life.

Michael Klaper, M.D. and author of Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet has read this book and says:

"To raise a child as a vegan in this very non-vegan world is an act of courage, principle and compassion. It takes a writer with those qualities, like Erin Pavlina, to create the ultimate guide to this extremely challenging task of Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World. I commend her for her love of life, her dedication, and her creative efforts, and I recommend this book most highly. It gifts us with a beautiful vision and is a pathway to a saner, healthier future for us all."

Deo Robbins, wife of John Robbins, and Co-Founder of EarthSave International had this to say:

"Raising children who eat, think, and live differently than their peers and the society around them can be a daunting task. This book offers a host of useful and creative ideas for bringing up healthy, self-confident, and compassionate children."

Whether you're raising vegan kids now, plan to in the future, or want to transition your family to a vegan lifestyle, this book is your complete guide.

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