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by Carl Cohen and Tom Regan

Do all animals have rights? Is it morally wrong to use mice or dogs in medical research, or rabbits and cows as food? How ought we to resolve conflicts between the interest of humans and those of other animals? Philosophical inquiry is essential in addressing such questions; the answers given have enormous practical importance. Here for the first time in the same volume, the animal rights debate is argued deeply and fully by the two most ariculate and influential philosophers representing the opposing camps, and an enduring controversy receives its deepest and most eloquent exposition.

"Tom Regan is without doubt the world's greatest defender of the rights of animals. Carl Cohen is one of Regan's notable critics. Here, between the pages of a single volume, are important contributions from each of these authors. The resulting text is required reading for everyone interested in the critical issue."

-Gary Comstock, Iowa State University

" A tour de force of brilliant debate. No other 'seeing the issues from both sides' book comes close to this one in the sustained power of argumentation and in its through canvassing of the issues surrounding everything that might be said about the ethical treatment of animals. Quite simply, the best book of its kind."

- Sidney Gendin, Eastern Michigan University

Available from Rowman & Littlefield, 1-800-462-6420
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