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Toledo Area People for Animal Rights
marten The Toledo Area People for Animal Rights (PAR) is a local, non-profit organization made up of volunteer activists who advocate for the right of all animals to live their own lives free of human exploitation. Through education, demonstration and example, PAR provides a voice for animals. paws

compassionate holidays

Introduce your community to the joy of cruelty-free holiday eating!
Make traditions more compassionate by leaving animals off the table!
Visit Compassionate Holidays to find cruelty-free tips and recipes.
You can also search for a directory of vegan gatherings and events.

Learn All About Reinder!   Click here.

The Ohio Pet License Plate is a specialty plate that will help raise funds to be used for spay and neuter to prevent pet homelessness, and for education that supports the benefits of sterilization.
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Past PAR Events:
(To see a listing of our completed 2003 events, click here. )

December 18, 2004 (Saturday) 1-3pm: 6th Annual Hay Day Giveaway
- an event hosted to help low income families or those at risk for neglecting the needs of their pets, who are kept outdoors in the winter. Designated site: corner of Delaware Ave. and Detroit Ave., an area where chained dogs are a common sight and dogfighting is suspect.
Click here for more info and photos of the event.

October 3, 2004 (Sunday), 11am-2pm: Walk for Farm Animals
Ottawa Park - 3.2 mile walk to benefit Farm Sanctuary.
Walk Photos

   PAR proudly sponsors a turkey and a rabbit!
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  Veg*n Restaurant : Squeaker's in Bowling Green
                      Map and Directions
  Recent Books - on Animal Rights and Vegetarianism. Read all about 'em!
Latest addition: Veganomics: The Surprising Science on What Motivates Vegetarians,
from the Breakfast Table to the Bedroom
by Nick Cooney
  Squirrel Mange - Photos, before and after treatment.
  PAR News Archives and Photos
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